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Baroness Story

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About Baroness

Everyone has a story, just like Baroness does. We are more than just another bubble tea shop. Baroness is all about sharing stories, just like how our founder shares his story through the building of the brand. Every drink has a unique flavour and colour to help tell a narrative familiar to everyone. From tales of friendship to dramas of a true love story, each recipe is hand-crafted with special ingredients to bring it all to life. Invite a friend or make a new one and let the Baroness be a part of your story. Spend time with us, take a seat, and build new memories. Or, simply order one of your favourites for a taste of nostalgia.
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Best in Vancouver

The decor was very clean, simple and classy. The service was amazing and the staff there was very friendly and sociable. My wife took a while to look over the menu and not once did we feel rushed. In the end we asked for some recommendations and we ordered the Thai milk tea and the purple rice milk tea. Both excellent choices. Will be back to try out more flavours. The bubbles were delicious. In my opinion the bubbles are definitely one of the best in Vancouver. Will return for sure.

Mike Lam , Local Guide

No Powder Business

WOW! I'm so happy that Baroness exists and I'm so lucky that its a short walk from my house! Their quality is top notch - they brew their tea fresh (no powder business) and the flavors they offer include your traditional favorite but also ones that are so unique. They are on the pricier side in my opinion but honestly so worth because you're definitely paying for quality that you won't regret.

Candace Ho , Local Guide

The Organic & Dairy-Free Choice

New bubble tea spot in the neighbourhood offering a variety of delicious flavours. I tried the signature purple yam with brown sugar pearls and was delighted that it was not overly sweet! It had a very natural, organic flavour to it – where other places taste very synthetic. For those who are dairy-free, they offer oak milk as an alternative. I will definitely be back!

Jennie Yan , Customer

Delicious, Caramelized, and Fresh

Honestly one of my favorite boba places in Vancouver. The Brown Sugar pearls are delicious and caramelized, the teas are fresh, and the aesthetics of the drinks are always top notch. Best of all, the service is fantastic, every person who works there is friendly and cares about the people who come into the store. I love coming here and will continue to do so.

Rakan Stanbouly , customer
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