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brown sugar bubble tea

Brown Sugar Bubble Tea – A Taiwanese Tradition

Although brown sugar bubble tea was invented in Taiwan, the birthplace of all things bubble tea; it’s not really bubble tea in the traditional sense at all. 

When Aki, the founder of Baroness Bubble Tea, came up with the idea of combining the rich art of storytelling with the creation of bubble tea using fresh oat milk and housemade toppings in 2017, brown sugar bubble tea was already a massive hit in his native Taiwan. 

The combination of warm milk, chewy tapioca pearls, and a delectably sweet, caramel-like brown sugar sauce attracted crowds of bubble tea lovers eager to experience this new, innovative take on traditional bubble tea.

With Baroness Bubble Tea now established in Canada, we’re eager to share this popular drink with our own unique twists.

So what is brown sugar bubble tea, why is it so popular, and why does Baroness Bubble Tea make some of the most delicious options available? Let’s find out together!

What is Brown Sugar Bubble Tea?

what is brown sugar bubble tea

Bubble tea was invented in Taiwan in the early 1980s and originally featured black tea, milk, sweet syrup, fruit or other flavourings, and chewy tapioca pearls.

Brown sugar bubble tea, also known as brown sugar milk tea, substituted the black tea and milk infusion of these original drinks with milk, dark brown sugar syrup, and brown-sugar infused tapioca pearls.

In this way, brown sugar bubble tea is greater than the sum of its parts.

With only three ingredients in each drink, each element’s quality, freshness, and flavour are allowed to shine even brighter.

The milk used in brown sugar milk tea forms the basis of each beverage, but it’s the brown sugar syrup running down the sides of each cup and the caramelized tapioca pearls at the bottom that truly elevates brown sugar boba to new, delicious heights!

Why is Brown Sugar Milk Tea so Popular?

In its native Taiwan, where brown sugar boba was first conceived, the beverage gained popularity quickly for its nostalgic resemblance to traditional Taiwanese desserts.

Replacing black tea with fresh milk and infusing regular tapioca pearls with dark brown sugar syrup caramelized pearls helped give brown sugar milk tea its unique sweet and smoky flavour.

Usually, tapioca pearls are stored in a mixture of simple syrup, which helps keep them moist and chewy. On the other hand, brown sugar bubble tea takes their tapioca pearls and mixes them with brown sugar syrup before cooking it slowly over a low simmer for a more extended period.

Over time, the braised pearls slowly absorb the rich sweetness and slight smokiness of the dark brown sugar syrup. 

Once fully cooked, the tapioca pearls and their syrup is ladled onto the sides of the cup, where it streaks the sides, and the drink is filled with fresh, cold milk.

The brown sugar streaks give brown sugar bubble tea its signature appearance, and the contrast between the cold milk, the warm brown sugar syrup, and the chewy tapioca pearls is one that has won the hearts of people all around the world.

How Does Baroness Bubble Tea do it Differently?

Brown sugar boba pulls from a very short repertoire of ingredients, so each one must be of the utmost quality to create a delicious drink.

Instead of cold milk, Baroness Canada uses fresh oat milk.

oat milk brown sugar bubble tea

The choice to use oat milk is grounded not only in our philosophy of inclusivity but also for its health benefits, superior flavour, and texture. Oat milk is dairy-free, gluten-free, and vegan-friendly, meaning it can be enjoyed by everyone regardless of dietary restrictions.

Oat milk is also naturally thicker and sweeter than other dairy and non-dairy varieties of milk, which helps give all of Baroness Canada’s beverages a robust, well-rounded taste not found anywhere else.

The natural thickness of oat milk also helps absorb the brown sugar syrup, combining to create a wonderfully supple and creamy taste that you can’t help but fall in love with.

Both the tapioca pearls and brown sugar syrup used in our beverages are created through a labour of love that’s done every morning by Aki. 

Crafted with Aki’s ideal ratios of water, tapioca starch, and sugar, the tapioca pearls are rolled and cooked fresh every morning to give each of our drinks its delightful chew.

To give the tapioca pearls their brown sugar infusion, they’re blanched quickly and slowly braised with housemade brown sugar syrup until they’re cooked to perfection. They’re handmade fresh every day with Aki’s special recipe, so the tapioca pearls retain their delicious taste, perfect shape and satisfying bite.

Once they’re ready, they’re poured down the cup and allowed to streak the sides with their delicious, full-died flavour. Brown sugar bubble tea isn’t just great tasting – it’s great-looking, too! 

Brown Sugar Boba - Baroness Canada's Favourite Drink

Brown sugar bubble tea might not be traditional, but it’s taking over the world by storm with its decadent, delicate sweetness. 

If you haven’t had the chance to enjoy the soft, sweet, syrupy nature of brown sugar boba tea, come visit us at Baroness Bubble Tea at 2790 W Broadway, Vancouver, to see if the hype behind this trendy drink is warranted!

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